Thursday, April 20, 2006

Creating Without Fear Week #2 Excercise

Here is my take on Week #2's excercise: Instructions we were to follow are below.

Week #2 Exercise
- small surface to create on (no larger than 8-1/2x6); paper, canvas, journal, etc.
- permanent marker (Sharpie)
- white acrylic paint
- paintbrush
- decorative stamp (doesn't matter what design or size, just pick a favorite)
- large letter stamps or stickers (black) "X, Y & Z" (the largest you have is fine!)
- black permanent ink pad
- colored markers or pencils or watercolor crayons: blue, green and purple
1. write the answer to one of last week's questions onto your surface with the permanent ink pen; write as large as you'd like.2. paint 1 thin coat of white paint over the entire surface; allow to dry (acrylic paint should only take a few minutes).3. stamp decorative design anywhere on surface 1-3 times with permanent black ink.4. create multiple circles of any size with the colored markers/pencils or watercolor crayons. do as many as you'd like, stop when you are pleased with the results.5. finish the piece by stamping (or adhering if you're using stickers) the X, Y & Z one time anywhere on the surface.6. Put it away as quickly as you can when you are finished. Do not look at it again until tomorrow...

1 comment:

glo said...

i have the same fear... your exercise came out great! =)

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