Saturday, April 15, 2006

Creating Without Fear Cover

Here is my cover for the Technique Tuesday Challenge: Adventures in Creating Without Fear by Kelly Angard. I had fun doing this up, used rub-on letters, metal tags, and gel pens. The words on the outside of the title read:
I will not be afraid to start a project!
I will not be afraid to try new things!
I can do anything!
I am an ARTIST!


Janelle said...

Great job on this! Looks like you had fun!

glo said...

is that a journal especially for the challenge? It's AWESOME... For me, that challege was to start a new blog. =) we're all in it together.

Maryfrances Fabbri said...

Great work and I just love your title. So fitting for this exercise.

Julie Ann said...

Great start!

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