Sunday, April 23, 2006

Creating Without Fear exercise #2 Questions

Week #2...Creating Without Fear™ Exercise
So what did you think of this week's exercise?
The steps were pretty simple, don't you think? I found that it helped having a bit of an outline of what to do because I was trying a few techniques that I had never done before.
I've listed a few questions for you to ask yourself...the answers will provide useful information about how you experience the creative process and provide an area of focus for change in the weeks ahead:
- Did the exercise seem worthwhile? I found it kind of liberating -definitelyy worthwhile!!
- Did you gather your supplies together before beginning the exercise? Yup, just as the directions stated.
- Were you able to move through the steps effortlessly? I was hesitant moving through the steps.
The best way to answer this question is for you to think back and ask yourself a few questions; did you find yourself asking or thinking...
"I wonder if this is right?"Yupup, asked myself this one many times.

"Would this stamp look better here or here?" asked myself this one too.
"What sort of circles should I make?" yup not sure about this one either
"Can the colors overlap one another?" I didn't think about this one.
"I don't know if I should place the letter stamps next to each other."
"Does this look good?" or "Does this look like it's supposed to?"

- Did you put the completed exercise away right after you were finished? I did actually - was glad to I think I was a little nervous about how it turned out.
- What was your first reaction to your completed exercise? I wasn't happy with it when I did the last step.
- Overall, how did you feel about the process? The next day when I took a good look at what I had created I was quite pleased with myself for doing something that was out of my comfort zone.

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Maryfrances Fabbri said...

I am totally with you on the comfort zone. I was excited to do Kelly's exercise but a little uptight about it also.

Looking forward to where this all leads.

Love your 21 day book, great work.

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