Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Favorite Things Saturday - 11/25/06 -Old Barn

Old Barn
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I absolutely love seeing old barns. I'm not quite sure what it is about them thast draws me in, but I am drawn to them everywhere I go. I love when they are falling apart, or even falling down. The less perfect the better.

2 Peas Blogger Challenge - keeping in touch

Join us today/Saturday if you blog. Challenge: Blog about how you keep in touch with family/friends over the holidays... via the written word. Do you send cards... store bought or handmade? Do you send a Christmas letter??? Share about how you keep in touch.
I love sending mail to my family at Christmas time. I would love to be able to send out handmade cards to them all, but am working like crazy right now and just do not have time. I will be sending store bought Christmas cards this year with a quick personal not in them all. It seems every year at Christmas time I just keep getting busier and busier and am having a harder time getting cards out on time.

Friday, November 24, 2006

My Baby Turned 5

My little baby turned 5 yesterday. It is so hard to believe. Some days it feels like just yesterday when she was born. I can not believe how fast this past 5 years has gone by. She is turning into a real little lady with a mind of her own. I am so proud of the girls she is becoming and can't believe how blessed by God I am to have been given the care of such precious little beings. I am the luckiest mom in the whole world!!

Loosing Trust

It has been so hard for me in the past to truly trust people. I have often acted like I trust them and in reality do not. I pretend to be who they want me to be so that I do not loose them in my life. I find it so hard to honestly open up and let people in. I have such a hard time believing that it's worth it, that I am not just going to end up getting hurt, and that I won't just end up loosing them. I hate feeling this way. I think though, that perhaps God is trying to teach me to trust in Him, and in myself, and love myself before I can trust in anyone else. Perhaps if I remember to ask God to always guide me to the right people, and to show me what He wants for me, than I will learn to trust again. For now, I will keep a part of myself closed, and afraid.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

30 Things To Change The World

I came across this blog challenge on the Word Press website and thought it was a great one - especially with the holidays coming up

make a list of 30 things they could do in 30 seconds or less to change the world.

1. say hello to everyone you pass
2. smile at people
3. take back someones grocery cart
4. hold the door open for someone
5. put some cans in the food bin when you are leaving the grocery store
6. donate your change to whatever organization is collecting money outside the grocery store
7. picking up some garbage on the street
8. leaving an anonymous note for a co-worker telling them they are doing a good job
9. tell someone that they are loved & cherished by God
10. say I Love You to your family
11. phone a friend you haven't talked to in a while
12. carry bags out of a store for a senior or a mom with her hands full
13. buy the coffee of the person behind you in the drive thru
14. tell someone they look beautiful / handsome
15. put money in someones parking meter
16. let someone in front of you in the check out line
17. forgive those who have hurt you
18. praise God
19. stop and truly listen to those you are with
20. put a quick note in the mail to brighten someones day
21. pray for someone else
22. put extra money in the offering plate at church
23. bringing your own bags to the grocery store
24. give someone a flower
25. hugs those around you
26. Tell someone you are proud of them
27. use a thermal mug from the coffee shop instead of a throw-away one
28. recycle
29. donate clothes or toys you no longer use
30. turn off all the lights I'm not using

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The nursing home I work at puts quotes up on the bulletin board daily, and this one has really stuck with me:

"Don't tell God how big your storm is,
Tell the storm how big your GOD is!"

2 Peas Tuesday Blogger Challenge - Languages

Join us today/tue if you blog. Challenge: If you could learn another language, which would it be and why? When I was a kid I took French Immersion in school from grades 5 - 9 then just regular french the rest of high school. I could speak fairly fluently, could read it and write it. The problem is that I live in a small town (about 10,000 people) and there is nowhere to speak french here. In having many years pass now I have almost lost all of my french skills just because I have not had the opportunity to practice. i would love to be able to study it again.

2 Peas Monday Blogger Challenge

Join us today/Monday if you blog. Challenge: Answer these questions. 1- your worst habit? biting my nails (especially when I am stressed) 2- your best feature? my smile 3- what you like most about your significant other/spouse? he loves me for me and doesn't expect anything more from me than who I am 4- if you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Tuscany 5- what do you admire most in a dear friend you have? she is so full of love for God and for others

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I found this really cute site about Christmas that has a "which Christmas tree ornament are you" quiz. I thought it would be fun to try. You can check it out at Here is which one I am. You're an Angel Tree Topper! Which Christmas Ornament Are You? brought to you by

Saturday, November 18, 2006

2 Peas Saturday Blogger - Serving Others

Join us today/Saturday if you blog. Challenge: How will you make a difference to someone less fortunate this Christmas/Holiday season? Blog about it. If you haven't considered doing something for another human being, consider it. Now's the time. We can all reach out and help someone this Christmas! At our church, they have been collecting shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. You fill a boy for a child with hygiene supplies, school supplies, toys ect. My girls had so much fun deciding what age group of child to shop for and then being able to pick out all the stuff to fill the box. They thought it was so fun. The children are also picking out a toy to put under the toy tree at the mall which are then donated to needy children./ I think that teaching my kids now about helping others will help them to see that they are serving as Jesus did. The point of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus and I feel it is the perfect opportunity to teach the girls to be more like him.

Chucke Cheese & Strawberry Shortcake

The girls and I finally had a whole evening together last night. We had so much fun. We went into Kingston planning to go to Cosmic Adventures. As we drove there we passed Chucke Cheese's. The girls got sooooo excited about it. How they even knew it existed is beyond me. We had an absolute blast!! Emily got a birthday balloon and a birthday crown which she thought was the best. The girls played games and were so excited winning tickets. They started jumping up and down when tickets came out of the games. They went on rides and climbed on the jungle gym and just had so much fun. Things have been so stressed and rushed around here lately with me working so many hours and it was so great to just see them relax and have fun. After going to Chucke Cheese's we went to the Kingston shopping centre where they were having Strawberry Shortcake and the arrival of Santa. This is the first show that they kids have seen like this and they thought it was the neatest thing!! There were kids everywhere singing and dancing - it was absolutely adorable. At the end of the night we were all tired but so relaxed and happy as a family. Amber even said that it was the funnest night ever!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 Peas Thursday Blogger Challnege - Clothing

Join us today/Thurs if you blog.
Challenge: What is your clothing style?
Do you dress casual/or do you like to dress up? If you could have $1000 to buy your dream wardrobe, what would you buy???

HHHMMMM clothing.... I definitely need some new clothes. I would say that over the past few years since my life has become so insanely crazy busy that my style has become much more casual. My staple outfit is jean and a cotton shirt, either long or short sleeved. I love clothes that wash really easily and don't wrinkle too much, I hate folding laundry. I love to buy my jeans from bluenotes - they are the only ones who see jeans my length. I also love Old Navy. If I had $1000 to spend on clothes these pics would be my wish list from old navy, plus some new jammies and some jeans from bluenotes. I would also splurge and buy new bras and underwear from La Senza.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2 Peas Tuesday Blogger Challenge

What's a trip you took as a child that you will always remember. and why??? blog about it.

When I was 16 my family and I drove across Canada. It was my all-time favorite trip. We took 3 weeks and drove out to Banff Alberta. I loved the whole trip. I loved sitting at night planning the route for the next day with my Dad. He and I were in charge of the map and making the plans. I sat in the backseat and gave directions. I took videos and pictures out the window. We stopped at all the amazing cool sited on the way. I was so excited to see so many things that I had never seen before. I will never forget the fun of the Calgary Stampede and buying my cowboy boots. I will never forget the beauty of the mountains and lakes, the colors and the sites. I will never forget being terrified on the horse called "Wacko" on the trail ride along the bow river. The whole trip was incredible. It is a trip that I will someday do with my girls so they too can see the beauty of Canada.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Beautiful Sunday 11/12/06

Beautiful Sunday 11/12/06
Originally uploaded by dynamo_momof2.

My Favorite Things Saturday 11/11/06

My girls having fun at the pumpkin patch

Suffering From Blogging Withdrawl

AAAAAHHHHHH.... I am totally suffering from blogging withdrawal lately. i think about blogging every day and often think of my post in my head, but then the little bit I am home I am either too busy or too tired to actually write it. Things have been insane here the last few weeks. I have started both my new jobs and am working crazy hours, usually between 40 - 65 hours per week, doing shifts. I have had my kids more than usual because their dad has had back surgery, and my new boyfriend seems to take up the remaining bit of time. Some days I feel like a big bouncy ball going from one thing to another without taking time to relax. Hopefully it will slow down a bit in the future.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Work, Work, Work, Work , Work

I am so very thankful to God that He has answered my prayers for finding work. I am now juggling three jobs which can some days be insane. The job I have had for years is at a government institution that is going to be closing down in the next two years. Therefore, there has been hardly any hours at all for casual workers. As a single mom I wasn't bringing in enough money to pay my bills. So, my Pastor and I prayed that God would help me find work so that I can support those beautiful girls of mine. God answered almost immediately. I was hired at Dollarama. I love it. I have done health care for so long that I think I am absolutely loving the change of being in a different field. Instead of physically taking care of people I am now able to just have fun and have amazing conversations with people all day. I am so loving it. Then last week, I got hired at the local nursing home and started my training there this week. Hence, a 65 hour work week which is having me feel a little frazzled and a little guilty about not being here quite as much for the girls as I would like to. I am amazed every day at God that I am able to just hand my troubles over to God and just ask that He lead me in the direction that He wants for me. God is incredible!!
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