Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-Ins cam be found on their blog. Check it out and play along.

1. I love to create.

2. A wink and a smile.

3. It's how you play the game.

4. Please don't tell me.

5. well, would you please stop bothering me.

6. The cutest little things are spring peepers.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to nothing really as I am not sure if I will be at home or in Kingston, tomorrow my plans include going to the Maple Festival and Sunday I want to go to church and relax.

30 Days Of Lists : List 29

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The original idea for this weekly post came from life love paper . Thought I'd try it out as well. So here goes:

listening: to my mom moving her stuff into my hotel room
eating: had a muffin
drinking: coffee
wearing: track pants, t-shirt
feeling: worried
weather: raining
wanting: the rain to stop so I can take pictures of Kingston
needing: some more sleep
thinking: about my dad
enjoying: not much this morning
wondering: if it's all going to be ok

30 Days Of Lists : List 26

Monday, April 25, 2011

{weekly intention}

Visit ABCcreativity to find out more about weekly intentions and see the wonderful meditation.

According to Andrea "Setting an intention is taking time to pave the way to success, joy and dreams come true to find you throughout the week. This is not about setting goals or creating

to-do lists and working your tail off to achieve them. This is about taking some time to be quiet and still and ask "What do I need this week?" and setting an intention from there to align yourself with that."

My intention for this upcoming week is to be there as much as possible as I can for mom and dad. This is going to be a hard week for everyone and I need to prepare myself to be available. I need to focus on the fact that I am needed and get through it no matter the panic or anxiety. I need to perform.

Mental Health Monday

Lately it's as if I am running through every single emotion I can have all in one day. My moods

change at the drop of a hat. Happy one minute, sad the next. So panicky, so anxious, so afraid. I know that these emotions will even out they are just me reacting to what's going on in our lives. I just wish I felt like I had more control over my body, over my mind.

My Best Shot Monday

30 Days Of Lists : List 25

1000th POST !!!

I cannot believe that this is my 1000th post. When I started this blog back in 2007 I had never ever imagined continuing with it to the point of having 1000 posts. I must say that blogging is something that really captured my heart and soul. It something I do mostly just for me. Somewhere real that I can share thoughts, feelings, scrapbooking, photographs. Something that can show glimpses of the real me and inside my world. Over these past years of blogging I have made many friendships I dearly cherish. All because I chose to write. To share. For me blogging has been such a wonderful addition to my life. It is something i hope to continue for a long while.

1000 posts !

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The idea originated from life love paper . Seems like such a wonderful way to share and record those things that are going on in our lives this very moment. Thought I'd try it out as well. So, here goes.

listening: to When the Children Cry by White Lion
eating: nothing yet but cereal soon
drinking: coffee (what else?)
wearing: sweat pants and a t-shirt
feeling: extremely stressed
weather: partly cloudy 0 degrees outside
wanting: next week to be over & done with
needing: to try and relax and remember to just breathe
thinking: about my dad - can't stop thinking about him & what's going on
enjoying: the banana bread I made last night
wondering: what the outcome is going to be

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Need To Pack To Go To Kingston Next Week

13 Things I Need To Pack To Go To Kingston Next Week:

1. camera(s) and charger(s)

2. laptop and charger

3. books

4. clothes

5. p.j.'s

6. coffee & filters

7. cross-stitch

8. swim suit

9. toiletries

10. cell phone & charger (reminder to self - need to get a phone card)

11. purse

12. money

13. ??? not sure but I am sure I'll think of more as I start gathering it all into a bag

Before & After Thursday

You can play along with Before & After on the Pixel Perfect Blog. This week I found a free action called "for all" that I used. Not sure who the action is by.

30 Days Of Lists : List 21

DYNAMO: Team Up Thursday : Black & White

You can play along with Team Up Thursday on the Mental Inventory blog and you can see the Flickr album here.

I am teamed up with the oh so talented Kyla from The Kreative Life. The theme we chose for this week's assignment was black & white. Kyla's photo is on the right and mine on the left. Thanks again Kyla I am loving this project."

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