Monday, April 04, 2011

Frustrated With Waiting

It's been about six weeks now since we found out what's wrong with my dad. In those six weeks I have changed so very much. I am constantly sad, I get angry easily, am just exhausted all the time, I'm having nightmares, I am back to not wanting to leave the house. I know that with the changes going on in our lives right now that my medications are not working for me anymore. I have spoken to my family doctor about it. Her answer was that I am on too many medications with high doses and she does not want the responsibility of making any changes. She referred me to a psychologist at the local mental health office. I have now been waiting a month for them to even call and say they got a referral to book an appointment. I am getting so frustrated. I know something has to be changed for I feel I am regressing with the depression, with the anxiety. Every day I am feeling worse. So frustrated that I need help and can't access it when I need it. So frustrated.


Anonymous said...

Argh ~ Sandra, that's so aweful! Waiting is excruciating when your need is so acute. Once you get in, can you have regular appointments with the psychologist? Even to touch base on a regular basis might help you get in faster when you are in need? Hope they refer you soon!

shah wharton said...

Hey Sandra - So sorry you're having all this to deal with right now. If you really do feel desperate at any stage perhaps ask if you could spend a week in hospital. You'll have access to therapy there? Its not a great thought I realize, but neither is isolation when you feel so frustrated. Anyway, its just an idea.

Thanks for linking up to the bhop at wordsinsync today. Did I tell you I'm following? Well I am. Fingers crossed for your dad.

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