Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 Peas Thursday Blogger Challnege - Clothing

Join us today/Thurs if you blog.
Challenge: What is your clothing style?
Do you dress casual/or do you like to dress up? If you could have $1000 to buy your dream wardrobe, what would you buy???

HHHMMMM clothing.... I definitely need some new clothes. I would say that over the past few years since my life has become so insanely crazy busy that my style has become much more casual. My staple outfit is jean and a cotton shirt, either long or short sleeved. I love clothes that wash really easily and don't wrinkle too much, I hate folding laundry. I love to buy my jeans from bluenotes - they are the only ones who see jeans my length. I also love Old Navy. If I had $1000 to spend on clothes these pics would be my wish list from old navy, plus some new jammies and some jeans from bluenotes. I would also splurge and buy new bras and underwear from La Senza.

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