Thursday, November 02, 2006

Work, Work, Work, Work , Work

I am so very thankful to God that He has answered my prayers for finding work. I am now juggling three jobs which can some days be insane. The job I have had for years is at a government institution that is going to be closing down in the next two years. Therefore, there has been hardly any hours at all for casual workers. As a single mom I wasn't bringing in enough money to pay my bills. So, my Pastor and I prayed that God would help me find work so that I can support those beautiful girls of mine. God answered almost immediately. I was hired at Dollarama. I love it. I have done health care for so long that I think I am absolutely loving the change of being in a different field. Instead of physically taking care of people I am now able to just have fun and have amazing conversations with people all day. I am so loving it. Then last week, I got hired at the local nursing home and started my training there this week. Hence, a 65 hour work week which is having me feel a little frazzled and a little guilty about not being here quite as much for the girls as I would like to. I am amazed every day at God that I am able to just hand my troubles over to God and just ask that He lead me in the direction that He wants for me. God is incredible!!

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