Saturday, April 29, 2006

Adventures In Creating Without Fear Week #3

Week #3 Exercise
We can't take a leap of faith if we are too afraid of creating "ugly". The fear of creating "ugly" carries with it such a strong emotion, that most of us will do anything to avoid it...even if that means creating nothing! So I'm thinking that we should take a look at what "creating ugly" means to us. Feel free to answer these questions either through writing or through art's up to you.

- How do you feel when you've created something "ugly"? When I end up creating something that I end up deeming as "ugly" I end up feeling extremely disappointed in myself. I end of thinking that I am not good enough as an artist. That everyone else's work I look at is better than mine.
- What do you think the "ugly" says about you? "Ugly" says I am not good enough. That I"ll never be good enough.
- Are you able to find any positive elements to an "ugly" piece? none - I end up beating myself up in my self-talk
- If you were asked to create something "ugly", would you let yourself do it? nope - I'd be afraid of my reactions afterwards and hating my work even more
- Why is it we are so afraid of making a mistake? I'm supposed to be perfect and I think I am not good enough when I make a mistake

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