Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2 Peas Tuesday Blogger Challenge

Challenge: list 5-10 websites on your Blog... websites that you like to visit, frequent often... let's all learn about some cool websites from each other! Websites can be sb-related or not.. anything!

1. http://creativecollage.blogspot.com/ I love Kelly's ideas and find her so inspirational
2. http://www.swirlygirl.com/ - I love the 52 figments challenge - awesome journaling ideas
3. http://rhonnafarrer.typepad.com/dreamy/ - amazing inspiration
4. http://alifeunrehearsed.blogspot.com/ - incredible insight and inspiration
5. http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/ - my absolute favorite scrapbooking site!!
6. http://www.charlesstanleyinstitute.com/portal/home.html - I am doing the bible studies
7. http://www.ask.com - where I go to search anything on the web
8. http://www.onescrappysite.com/ - love the book of me ideas


BonnieRose said...

Love your list Sandy, especially #4! lol... I love RF's blog too.. she's so inpsiring! that girl has talent!

kreativekell said...

Sandy...with all the delicious eye candy available out here on the web, i am honored to be on your list! thank you!

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