Saturday, March 26, 2011

Know Me As A Person (The Weekend Creation Blog Hop)

You can follow along with The Weekend Creation Blog Hop at Words In Sync
In one of my many random Google searches I came across the photo below. I really liked the idea of it and being creative and a scrapbooker as I am I wanted to create something to the same effect about myself. Something personal.
So here's the scrapbook page I came up with.

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shah wharton said...

I've used this picture in one of my posts about mental health. I like yours too - I like its message. People do tend to look at the illness in me when they know about it at first. They stay that way until they get to know me. If they do - /I'm pretty shy TBH. Thanks Sandra for supporting the blog hop too - will I see you Monday for Monday Madness? Hope so . Shah. X

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