Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Digi in Deep Assignment 2B

Choose a VERY limited color palette of three colors. Pick a main color (typically I'll choose a color that is a complement or coordinating color to the main color in my photos. For example, if my son's shirt is red, I'll choose blue or green as my main color), then choose a secondary color, and then an accent color. Typically the main color in the photos is also the accent color. With a blue/red color scheme, you could choose green, yellow, or orange as secondary colors. Neutrals used as backgrounds don't count as these colors. Play with cream, white, black, brown, and kraft backgrounds, too!
Add in one large photo.
Add in a couple of smaller secondary photos next to or below your main one.
Now figure out how you'd like to lead people into and around your layout. Create the 'leading lines' from here in the form of shapes or lines (remember that these can be very subtle
Now choose two of the following techniques from Lesson 2 to add to your assignment layout:
- create the focus of your layout to add some white space
- add a gradient masks between two photos to blend them together
- fill a large letter with patterned paper
- pop a journaling card or other item off the page with a custom drop shadow

Here's my completed layout

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