Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Is Me Challenge

I have stumbled upon this great journalling challenge blog. It is called the "This is Me Challenge" (you can find it here ) What great journalling prompts. Fits in perfectly with the disire I have lately to create another art journal. So here goes and I am off with the newest challenge which is to journal about something you think everyone should do at least once.
Journaling on reverse reads: I really think that everyone should fall in love at least once in their lifetime. I do not mean puppy love. I mean that intense, one of a kind love. Where you love someone so much that your heart skips a beat, or it's almost hard to believe. Feeling that kind of love is completely magical. It is such an intense feeling to love someone so deeply. It is even more intense to feel that kind of love in return. I've had that kind of love in my past and I hope to find it yet again. In the meantime, I can be satisfied knowing that I have had that kind of love once in my lifetime.

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