Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about friends these past few days. About who I have let close enough to me that I truley consider them a friend. About why I let certain people close to me. About how much I open up with the friends I have. But most of all I've been thinking about those people in my life I consider to be a friend that turn out to be completely different than I thought. I hate when people end up being the exact opposite of what you had believed them to be. I hate that I can sometimes let my gard down and allow people like this to hurt me. Makes me kinda second guess letting people in, letting people see the real me, all of me. Makes me want to put up some kind of guard that will protect me. I know though that I can't do this. That I need to let people see the real me, to let people close, to develop friendships and relationships. Maybe someone else will hurt me again, but then again .... maybe they won't.

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BonnieRose said...

I've lost and gained friends throughout my life.. often for the reasons you share.. some people don't allow the real them to shine through. it's something I don't understand either... I've decided to live my life with true balcony ppl in my life.. no more basement ppl.. I want authentic, loving, kind souls in my life, how about you?

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