Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jordan's Station

Have you ever been just drawn to a certain spot? Somewhere in particular? Have you ever just felt compelled to love a certain place or a certain view of somekind? My family has travelled to Niagara Falls so many times since I was a little girl. Along the drive just outside St. Catherines there is this little spot called Jordan's Station. There really isn't much there, just a few houses, but I have always been drawn to Jordan's Station. You see, washed up in a tiny inlet of Lake Ontario sits this abandonned ship. The ship is in bad disrepair, a lot of it destroyed by fire, and it just sits washed up on the rocks. To me though, everytime I have passed this ship I see beauty. I see something that calls to me, that draws me in. For as much as I love passing by Jordan's Station I had never had the chance to stop there until just a few weeks ago. Thankfully I had my camera in hand and took these pictures. Now, as well as the memeories I have of passing by this ship, I now have these photograps so that I can continue to be drawn into it's beauty.
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