Thursday, March 15, 2007

2 Peas Tuesday Blogger Challenge - Daylight

Join us today/Tue if you blog. Challenge: Now that the sun is staying out longer these days.. what kinds of things are u gonna be doing with that extra daylight? Blog about the effects on your days, on your life,. ... when there is more natural daylight.
There is something I so love about daylight. I love the brightness, I love the colors, I love the peacefulness of watching the sky. I love when spring comes and the daylight lasts longer. I love driving to work watching the sun come up and relaxing at home watching it go down. I see daylight and I instantly think of all the amazing photo opportunities that present itself with each sunrise. Every morning while I drive to work I thank God for bringing me another day to do what it is that He wants for me for that day. I live each moment of the day hoping to lead the life that God has created for me.

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