Saturday, March 03, 2007

2 Peas Monday Blogger Challenge - Memorable Vacations

Please come join us today/Monday if you blog. Challenge~ If you can remember going on a family vacation. What was your favorite and why?
My absolute most memorable family vacation is from the summer I was 16 years old. It was 1992. My family and I took 3 weeks and traveled through Western Canada. We went to the Calgary Stampede, the West Edmonton Mall, Jasper Alberta and Banff Alberta. It was the most amazing vacation ever. I loved the sheer beauty of Canada, the mountains, the yellow plains in Saskatchewan - everything. Every night my dad and I would sit in the motel room with maps and plan the next days drives and stops at local tourist attractions. He drove, I navigated from the backseat. It was such a bonding time for the two of us. As he drove, I often took photos and videos from the backseat. This is when my love for photography really developed. This is a trip I plan to do with my girls when they are old enough to appreciate the beauty of Canada ( and when they are old enough to drive that far without crying - hehe.)

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Anonymous said...

I rember that you had the greatest time that summer. You came back refreshed and energized. I remember seeing the photos you took on that trip. Your love for photography shines on stronger than ever and that makes me happy in a small but important way.

With My Very Best Regards;

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