Monday, September 26, 2011

{weekly intention}

According to Andrea from ABC Creativity :

'Hello Monday Morning! A fresh week. A fresh start. Everything is wide open. Everything is possible.

Before you jump right into your week, take a few minutes to choose where you want to focus your energy this week, to think about what direction you want to be moving in.

Setting a weekly intention is taking some time to pave the way for success, joy and dreams come true to find you throughout the week.

This is not about setting goals or creating to-do lists and working your tail off to achieve them. This is about taking some time to be quiet and still and ask “What do I need this week?” and setting an intention from there to align yourself with that.

Then the real work is to remember your intention and align with it throughout the week.'

My intention for this week is to enjoy every minute as much as I possibly can. To get out of the house and get doing things with people. To not isolate so much.


Elizabeth Young said...

Hi Sandra, Thanks for putting a great thought into my heart and mind today. How would I like my week to be this week; which direction would I like it to take. There's a lot in there as often times just being aware of time and reminding ourselves what it is that's important to us can produce mega dividends!
I just saw on some info about you (I was trying to find your blog) that you like the band Casting Crowns. My son Daniel Biro is in the band Hawk Nelson! He and his wife are the greatest blessings to me and I appreciate them so much.
I may have mentioned that I am part of a new writing group called the Simcoe County Writers Association (it is modelled after the Durham group) and a new one is starting in Newmarket also - the York group. We had our first meeting yesterday. I read a poem (yikes!), we had a lovely lunch and then Ruth Walker, a published author spoke to us. It went really well and we are all pumped! Next week we are going to be part of an arts event the city of Barrie is putting on and I get to read a piece of my own then (double yikes!) It's good though, when we're stretched we find out what we're made of right? I am wondering if there's a Haliburton writers group. Hope you're keeping well. Enjoy the fall colours and the last of the Summer wine! Hugs, Elizabeth.

jillconyers said...

Hi Sandra. I hope your week is wonderful and goes exactly the way you intend :)

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