Monday, September 19, 2011

Mental Health Monday - What To Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed all the time. I never used to notice before that often my anxiety and panic is really just me feeling overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with my emotions and what is going on around me. I decided to look on the internet to find some ways to deal with being overwhelmed and came across some great suggestions so I thought I'd share them with all of you.

 - the more tired you are the worse it becomes - make sure you are getting enough rest and that you don't find yourself  over tired

 - let go of everything you are thinking, back away and look at the big picture

 - look at what you can do to minimize what you have to do try to at least achieve the bare minimum if you do more than that it is a bonus

 - make sure you are taking care of yourself and your personal needs

 - only you know what you need and what you can do , trust in that

 - be realistic and remember time

 - problem solve creatively

 - you can only do one thing at a time and you are only one person focus on each thing you are doing in that moment and then move onto the next

"Dream small dreams. If you make them too big, you get overwhelmed and you don't do anything. If you make small goals and accomplish them, it gives you the confidence to go on to higher goals."  John H. Johnson

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Elizabeth Young said...

Thanks Sandra for sharing these wonderfully helpful points. I should write them out and put them on the 'fridge so I see them regularly!
Sorry you are feeling overwhelmed, I get easily overwhelmed also and feel like I won't be able to accomplish all I need to. My most feared type of person is the type who is always finding 'make work' projects for others, and I've had to be very blunt with some and simply put it out there: 'I am not looking for work and have more than I can handle already.' With age I find I am more confident and calm about stating my experience and viewpoint without needing others to validate me. Please let me know anytime you're coming to the Barrie area and we can connect. Eventually I will probably move to Peterborough and perhaps it would be easier to connect from there. Until then, you and you little ones are in my prayers. Best Wishes Sandra.

jillconyers said...

Great suggestions. Add running and it would be even better :)

I love the quote and it's so true. The last part about "gives you confidence" really works. Start small and experience success!

I so hope things get less overwhelming for you Sandra. You're such a strong person! My thoughts are with you.

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