Thursday, September 08, 2011

View My Friends Blog & Poem

If you do anything at all today it needs to be to check out my friend Elizabeth's blog The Garden Gate. She is the most incredible writer and often writes about mental illness. I feel a strong connection to her as she often writes words, ideas and feelings that are in my head. Like this poem. It just really speaks to me and maybe will help some of you understand how I too feel

The Fight

by: Elizabeth Young

I hear you say,

“You speak so well, surely you’ll soon be fine!”

But what you do not see my friend,

Are things hidden from you, and mine.

You do not see me hide indoors

For countless days together.

For weeks I am in nightgown adorned

Despite the Summer weather.

The days I spend in deepened sleep

Or times I’ve had to cancel.

Frustration that makes others weep;

Prick causes pain without thimble.

The hiding of the maiden’s head,

Chilled stilling of her pen.

Desperate loss to reconcile

As accuser’s point again.

Poverty’s descent, rougher than need,

Shame on weeping breath.

Panic at the phantom’s pain,

Eyes that long for death.

Headaches haunt and suffering,

Endless forms and letters.

Lost opportunities peal and ring,


1 comment:

Elizabeth Young said...

Dear Sandra, I am so honoured and flattered that you chose to have my work on your blog, this is definately a Canadian sting! I will be over to visit you on Monday. Rejoice in the small things friend.

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