Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Little Word | Challenge

As the week has been progressing challenge has been on my mind all the time. I have been challenging my thoughts in almost all I do. I have been learning and growing in my thinking, learning and growing inside of myself. Coming to some realizations as to what I need to be doing in my life right now. My biggest obstacle these past few weeks has been that my anxiety levels are at a major high and I have not been wanting to leave the house. This week I have had a few times where I have made myself go out and once I was out doing something my mind was occupied from the fact that I was out of the house. It ended up being a real good thing. I know that in order to grow I need to challenge myself all the time. I am starting to become more aware of the daily opportunities that present themselves to me. As this year unfolds I hope to challenge myself in many, many ways. The few weeks so far in January are really showing me how much I will have the opportunity to do so.

1 comment:

EmptyNester said...

Self challenge is never easy, but almost always worth it!

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