Wednesday, January 19, 2011


"Was reading one of my favorite blogs the Linar studio a few months ago and came upon this wonderful post called currents. The idea originated from life love paper . Seems like such a wonderful way to share and record those things that are going on in our lives this very moment. Thought I'd try it out as well and Wednesdays seem to suit me the best. So, here goes.

listening: to the quietness in the house as the kids just left for school
eating: just ate a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich
drinking: another cup of coffee (that's about 4 now lol)
wearing: pj pants a t-shirt and sweater and warm socks
feeling: positive, looking forwards to the future
weather: overcast about -11 degrees
wanting: a good nights sleep for once more than 4 hours would be so lovely
needing: to pick up milk I can't forget but I'm sure by the time I go out later today I'll will forget and then will have to go back out once again as I have an awful memory
thinking: about goals and dreams and what I have to do to get to where I want to be
enjoying: my morning routine of coffee while I blog, read blogs and update Facebook
wondering: what my year is going to be like for Sandra Collins Photography

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