Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Favorite Things Saturday 16/05/09

One of my favorite things is the Festival of the Maples that is held every year in Perth, Ontario. It is always held on a Saturday near the end of April. It is a whole day celebrating the coming of spring and the running of maple syrup. It is always fabulous. Perth is such a historic, picturesque town. For the festival the main street is closed down and the festival takes place in the main street and surrounding area. The street is filled with local maple syrup products and displays, vendors, food stands, my favorite lemonade stand, a petting zoo, pony ride, small children's midway, entertainment ... the list goes on. You can see about it here. I have been going to the Festival of the Maples since I was a little girl. I have so many fond memories of visits there with my family. It was a tradition I knew I wanted to start with my girls. One I wanted to continue myself. One that I cherish every year I attend. And one that I think my girls are beginning to cherish themselves. Here are my favorite two pictures from our visit to the festival this year. The girls and I took my mom with us which is becoming a tradition of it's own. The first photo is of Emily eating her Maple Syrup Taffy (?I think it's called?) It's where they pour maple syrup on snow and it hardens around a popsicle stick. She loves it!! So yummy!! The second photo is of Amber on the pony ride. She loved her first ride so much that she asked to go on a second one right before we left. She looked so relaxed sitting on top of the pony. I loved watching how confident she appeared to be. I was so proud of my little girl.

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