Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My counsellor has requested that I write down daily a list of three things I am grateful and also one positive affirmation about myself. I am having a really hard time with this assignment. I think about it often throughout the day and have been able to come up with the things I am grateful for. However I am having a really difficult time coming up with the affirmations. My mind keeps drawing a blank. I can never think of something positive about myself. I am so used to focussing on the negative things about myself. Tonight I decided to Google the word "affirmations" and see what results came up so that I could understand this process a little better. I have learned so much about affirmations so far.

Every thought you think, every word you say is an affirmation. Our "self-talk" is a string of affirmations. As we live our lives we are constantly running strings of affirmations through our heads. These affirmations that we have about ourselves can be both positive and negative, and are often developed throughout our childhood. Everything we think and everything we say reflects upon our inner truths and beliefs about who we are or who we have perceived ourselves to be as children. The affirmations we have can also come from the adults whom we were around during our childhood. We often "take on" their affirmations. Our thoughts and beliefs influence every area of our lives.

You can use something called positive affirmations to change your thinking. These are usually short sentences you use to challenge the negative beliefs that you have and to replace them with positive ones. It allows you a way to become more conscious of the beliefs and thoughts you have about yourself so that you are able to change your thoughts to those that are more constructive and positive. Using these affirmations in our lives daily helps us to focus on the positive and to focus on the things we want, as well as the areas we our lives where we need to make changes. Positive affirmations help to counter our "self-talk".

When you are thinking of positive affirmations that you can focus on there are many areas you can look to. Focus on hopes, wishes, dreams, health, relationships, wellness and self-image. make sure to focus on the present and keep the affirmations positve. Throughout the day try to keep your affirmation in the forefront of your mind. It helps to write it down somewhere. Whenever you see them read the affirmation to yourself with confidence and believe it. The more you focus on these affirmations the more you will come to believe them. Thoughts will begin changing from negative to positive. These affirmations will begin to make a real difference in your life.

Perhaps now that I have learned more about affirmations it will be a little aesier to come up with positive ones for my life. Perhaps I will begin to focus more on the positive.

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Sarah C. said...

Sandra, you are truly inspiring to me. It is wonderful that not only are you taking steps with counseling, but sharing your journey so publicly. I think you are stronger than you realize and definitely setting a wonderful example for your girls.

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