Monday, July 21, 2008

Gord got a trip to Ohip last week and I was lucky enough to get to go along for the ride. Here is a picture I took when Gord was getting the truck ready for us to leave. I am loving how this shot turned out.

Loved seeing all the beautiful farms and farm land along the way.

Near Hamilton, Ontario.

I was amazed to see so many acres of these beautiful grape vines.

The truck parked at a rest stop.

Entering Pennsylvania.

The driving instructions warned us to watch out for horse & buggies in the town where his load was going. These are so beautiful

Another farm - loving the sky in this shot.

I was surprised to see so many places in the United States flying the American Flag. I think this is wonderful. More people in Canada should be proudly flying the Canadian Flag.

I love this shot!!

So pretty.

A huge ship in the water near Hamilton Ontario.

This is one of the stadiums in Buffalo.

Gord driving.

These gorgeous old cars passed us near Buffalo.

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