Sunday, July 06, 2008

2 Peas Sunday Blogger Challenge

hi bloggers.. your challenge today is journaling!!

do you think you do enough of it? does it always relate to the story?

In all honesty my journaling really varies depending on what I am doing. When I make actual paper layouts I tend to journal more. For some reason with my digital layouts they are kept fairly simple with just a bit of journaling. When i am planning layouts I often think of tons of things I want to say - stories I want to tell - things from my heart I want to share, but then when I am actually completing the layouts my mind is so focussed on making a nice page that I often forget to include the most important part - the journaling from the heart. I do however get in my fair share of journaling with this blog - it is my outlet - my escape. Where I can put down my thoughts, speak from my heart and speak all that's in my head. I should start speaking on my scrapbook pages the way I do while writing these blog posts. Perhaps this is going to be my new challenge to myself - to journal on my scrapbook pages from the heart.


Heather said...

I always compose great things for pages in my mind and then when it comes to putting it down I've forgotten what I wanted to say or it just comes out wrong!

toners said...

I have found that I have improved as I've been blogging longer. Of course, most of my posts are simple ones about cards but the others are a little more deep and I am getting better - but there is much room for improvement! :)

Great post!

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