Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2 Peas Monday Blogger Challenge - Something You Didn't Know

Please join us today if you blog Challenge~ Tell us all something about yourself that not many people know. Blog about it, this should be fun to read Wow, Something people don't really know about me... that's tough. I guess the thing I try to hide from most people is the fact that I am insecure. I try to act as if I am a strong woman and that I am outgoing, but inside I have always been very insecure with very little self confidence. This past year that is definitely changing. I am becoming confident with the woman I am. I am beginning to be happy being me. I am becoming more confident with me, with my choices, and with my abilities to think clearly and to react from the heart. I will become the woman I want to be. I will become Powerful. I will become Intimate. I will become Confident. I will become Free.

1 comment:

BonnieRose said...

amen, I am so with you gf!

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