Friday, October 13, 2006

I am Officially Divorced

Yesterday I received my Divorce Decree in the mail. It's one of those things that I knew was coming but that hit me very hard. I didn't know what day to expect it so opening my mail was a shock. I've known for so long that the divorce was going to happen and that it is for the best. I am happy - in a relationship, and my ex husband is happy and has found love. I'm not shaken at not being with my ex anymore, I guess it just felt like I had failed. I am turning 30 next week and I am now divorced before 30. That hurts. I always grew up wanting to have an awesome family with a mom and dad together and now I feel like I have failed at that. I know my girls are happy and that they have a mom and a dad that love them very, very much - but I also know that it is not quite the same. I guess the best I can do now is to continue to love them unconditionally, to teach them of the love of Christ, and to make them feel secure.

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