Friday, October 20, 2006

2 Peas Friday Blogger Challenge - Excitement

Here's the challenge!!! Blog about something that has really excited you.. something you were really anticipating perhaps.. blog about it.. share your excitement!!!!!
The thing I get the absolutely most excited about is the love I have for Christ. I have been a Christian for just under a year now and I get more and more excited everyday!! I love learning about Christ and about the love I have inside me for Him. I am so humbled and so blessed to have His love and His acceptance. It means so much to me to live each day in the excitement that He is the one guiding my day. I love being able to just praise Him and say "Please show me what you want from me today, show me who You want me to speak to, who I am to share You with." I love seeing what happens after that and just opening myself up to whatever may happen.

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