Wednesday, May 07, 2008

2 Peas Wednesday Blogger Challenge - Creating

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Is creating "beautiful art" more important than the process of creating?

When I have a true desire to create, the process by which I do, and the emotions that are involved are the most important part to what I am creating. I am not saying that I do not think about creating my idea of "beautiful art", for I do ... OFTEN. There is this doubt in what I create that sometimes keeps me from creating anything at all. It's like it blocks me from starting to create something because of a fear that once I'm finished "it won't be good enough". I so very often, have a desire to create. I'll get an idea for a creation in my head. I'll focus on it and go through the process of how I'd complete it, and then I'll visualize what the finished piece would be. This is where that fear will come into play. I'll see that finished piece in my head and I'll wonder if I'll do good enough to have it turn out the way I see it. Sometimes, I can get past that fear. Sometimes, I'll visualize a piece, I'll complete the process and I will have a finished piece of art. It's not always exactly like I visualized, but it's always created with true emotion and heart.

Here's a project I completed last night - it did not end up like how I had visualized in my head but I love it! I love that it speaks to me about the woman I am striving to be. I love that I allowed myself to just completely doodle, to let the pen flow freely. I did this because last night I wasn't afraid of how it would turn out. I love that it comes from my heart.

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Sarah C. said...

Very cool layout! I love the descriptive words you selected. :) And completely understand the fear that can suppress the creativity. It's too easy to get wrapped up in "mine will never look as good as X's." My best work is always when I push that aside and strive for having fun & letting my creative juices flow. Definitely don't quit creating! And share when you feel the desire. :)

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