Thursday, May 08, 2008

2 Peas Thursday Blogger Challenge - Secrets

Join us if you blog
Share something about yourself that people may not know about you.

Hmmmm ... tough question. You see the reason people don't know things about me is usually because I don't tell them. It takes me a long time to open up about myself and the secrets in my life. Something the majority of people don't know (unless you've been reading my blog since the beginning) is that I used to be a crack addict. It is something I am in no way proud of but it is something I do share of myself because some day my story may help someone else. I have been clean from crack for 2 1/2 years now and that is something I am extremely proud of. I knew that I had to do whatever it took to get clean so I did it. Sometimes I wonder where that strength and determination is hiding inside of me now. I got clean because I chose my kids - I wanted to be an awesome mom more than I wanted that next high. Getting clean and staying clean is the hardest thing I have ever done - it is still a struggle sometimes. But I know I want to stay clean for myself and for my girls.


emily said...

Good for you! I've watched so many people struggle...that is an awesome accomplishment!

Lida said...

I think that is one of the best accomplishes one can ever have, good for you and enjoy the freedom that gives!

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