Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 Peas Tuesday Blogger Challenge

Feel free to join us if you blog.

Today's challenge~
Share something you miss having from when you were a young child growing up.

The thing I seem to miss the most from being a kid is that carefree childlike attitude. Having NO stress. As I have grown up the amount of stress in my life has magnified so much. Some days I wish I could just be a kid again and have all that stress gone, be carefree again. As a kid there was no stress of whether the bills were getting paid, no stress of wondering if I'm doing a good job raising my girls, no stress of being all alone to handle everything. The other part of being a kid was having an adult to go to who would handle everything for me, when I was sad they would make it better, when I was angry I could tell someone. Now as an adult I feel like I have to handle everything myself. Sometimes being a grown up sucks.

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