Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2 Peas Tuesday Blogger Challenge - 1st Day of School

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Today's blog challenge is:
How was your child/children's first day of school?

The girls were so very excited to start back to school this morning. Amber is excited to be going into grade 3 - she thinks it is a big grade and felt very grown up. She has a lot of her mommy in her though because she was also very anxious about going into grade 3. She kept asking if she would do good enough work in grade 3 because it is harder than grade 2. I told her she was a smart little girls and that I was so proud of her so hopefully her nerves die down as the day progresses. Emily woke up so excited. She kept saying "mom, I am so psyched" like a little grown up. It was adorable. She is so excited to be going into grade 1 because she will be going to school everyday now, which she thinks means she is grown up. Both of them were absolutely adorable. I love watching their excitement this morning and I can't wait to pick them up from the bus to see how their day's went.


EquineSpirit said...

It's so wonderful to hear when kids are excited to go to their first day of school! Hope that continues on throughout their education!! Sooo...did they have a good first day of school?

Leah said...

darling photos, I love the excitement when their in grade school, you just kinda hope that excitement and exuberance follows with them to middle/high school.

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