Thursday, September 06, 2007

2 Peas Thursday Blogger Challenge

Feel free to join us if you blog.

Today's challenge~
What is one thing you enjoy doing during the fall season?

The thing I love doing the absolute most in the fall is taking the girls to Saunders Farm pumpkin patch. We go every single year. We have not missed a single year since Amber (my oldest) was almost a year old. I love seeing the pictures I take every year and seeing the changes in the girls since the previous year's pictures. I love that it has become a tradition for our family. I love that it is something that the girls can count on - that they know that every October we go to Saunders Farm. I love that the girls are creating memories there. Fall is my absolute favorite season and going to the pumpkin patch each year with my girls is one of the things that makes it so special for me.


mum on the run said...

Aww, that sounds great!! Love the photos :)

Lynn said...

I love going pumpkin picking with my kids. They are older and still love going. They nag the heck out of me to go in the beginning of Oct. Sounds like a wonderful tradition that will hopefully be passed down to their children

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