Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me

1. I cannot do the dishes without getting the front of my shirt soaked.
2. I almost always wear a ponytail.
3. I am scared driving in the dark.
4. I just got new glasses, just waiting for them to come in.
5. I just started a small photography business last spring.
6. I have pierced ears but hate wearing earings.
7. I live in track pants.
8. I have 2 college degrees (Developmental Services Worker & Health Care Aide).
9. I spend endless hours on the computer.
10. I collect sandcastles.
11. I used to be a gymnast.
12. I am lazy when it comes to exercises.
13. I always eat Amber's cookies.


Rasmenia said...

This post made me laugh a little. Know why? Ok, I'll tell you: because I just got done with the dishes a few minutes ago & here I sit, with dam spots all over the front of my shirt.

I'm kind of happy to see that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. ;)


Rasmenia said...

*damp spots* Not dam spots. Ack!

AngryPassionate said...

I can relate on # 1 and 12 :)

Alice Audrey said...

I can't help getting my shirt wet, either. Worse, my dh keeps leaving a rag across the front of the sink so I get wet every time I go to the sink for anything.

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