Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Creativity 101 {lesson 1} Discover Your Creative Genius

{lesson 1} can be found here at ABCcreativity .

"Any time we see what we want, rather than blindly accepting what it is - we are dreaming." (Andrea Schroeder)

Here are some of my dreams:
- I would like to create a strong group of women for friendships, creative souls I can relate to
- I would like to join the gym, cut back on caffeine and stop smoking
- I would like to find a new apartment by spring, a place I can make into a home
- I would like to pay off some bills and start saving more
- I would like to feel comfortable leaving the house

"When you are focused on connecting with your creative genius and let it express - miracles will occur." (Andrea Schroeder)

When I repeat the words "I am a creative genius" in my head I know that I can do anything. It's up to me to live the creative life I have imagined for myself. I am a creative being and I need to trust in that. I need to believe it. I need to act upon it. For it is up to me what dreams I accomplish. It is up to me to shine.

I trust my creativity.

I am learning to trust in my creativity. I just need to believe it, to feel it, to breath it into my very being. Writing this affirmation down makes me feel powerful. Makes me feel as if I can do anything. I can make anything happen. The more I trust, the stronger I will be. The more I trust, the more I will accomplish. My creativity can take me anywhere I want to go. If I trust in that creativity I will move in positive directions.


Bonita Rose said...

YOU REALLY CAN do anything! hugs xo Love you Sandra.. your life is in your hands.. make the best choices for you! xo

ABCcreativity said...

This post is just beaming with creative genius.

jillconyers said...

Loved reading this Sandra! Very inspiring. I signed up for the ecourse and will give Creating Dreams Come True a try. Thanks for the l links.

Sandra Collins said...

Jill - I am on lesson 2 now and am thoroughly enjoying it! The ABCcreativity website is just fabulous - make sure you take some time to peek around.

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