Thursday, February 03, 2011

Creative Journaling: Exploring Your Roots to Discovering Your Authentic Self

This was an incredible exercise by Andrea Schroder found on the Roots of She Blog.
Here are the links to the 4 separate parts of the exercise:

Here is my tree. This tree represents me. It is beautiful, full of sparkle and dreams.

All trees need roots to grow. My roots are what keep me grounded. My roots are filled with love, insight, peace, comfort, trust and acceptance. They help me to feel whole and to feel complete. They make me who I am today.

When I dig deep and explore my roots I pleasantly find my life is full of gifts, dreams, wishes. I am filled with power, caring and passion. I am open and creative.

The gifts I have inside of me make me shine. They help me to excel at the things I love and they help me to believe that I can do anything!
This is the first creative journaling exercise I have ever completed. I love the feeling of creating from within. Not just making a page for the sake of making a page, but creating for myself. Creating my feelings, creating from what is deep within my heart and soul. I feel incredible finishing this creative journaling page. I feel powerful, I feel intense love.

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