Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mental Health Monday

I always find myself this time of year, as the girl's birthdays approach, thinking about my mental health. This is the time of year I always end up reflecting on the fact that I have been dealing with mental health issues for yet another year. This year it will be 11 years. I can't believe it ... 11 years. I have always hoped and prayed each year that I will celebrate the girl's birthdays feeling stronger and more in control of my mental health. As the years pass though, I find myself dealing with more and more issues and more and more medications. It can be so frustrating. Just for once I would like to know my mental health is more stable ... once again this year I am finding that is just not the case. There are so many people in this world in the same boat as me ... they too, are dealing with their own mental health issues. It can be such a stigmatized illness though, and many people just do not talk openly about that part of their life. I guess for me, I just figure I have nowhere to go but up and feel that maybe talking about it is the answer. Learning that I am not alone and that others live everyday with the same mental health issues as I do ... well that just gives me more motivation. Motivation to get myself to where I want to be ... My wish is that more people start talking about mental illness and talking about how it is affecting their lives.

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