Friday, November 26, 2010

Color Combos Galore #161

I liked this color combination so much I just had to scrap it again!!

You can join along in the challenges at the Color Combos Galore Blog .

Here is the color combo: Hopping Red, brown concrete, chalk white, brown box.

Here's the layout I created:


klahanie said...

Hi Sandra,
Greetings, my fellow Canadian. I also like those colours. In fact, the colours are quite similar to some of the colour patterns in my English home's living room.
Have a peaceful weekend, eh.
In kindness, Gary :-)

Sandra Collins said...

Thanks for the comment I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Where in Canada are you?

klahanie said...

Hi Sandra,
I'm actually living in England, right now. In a small town named Leek. Always wanted to live in a place named after an onion. lol
I'm from Vancouver.
Take care.

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