Sunday, February 01, 2009


Wow, does it ever feel nice to be sitting here with my cup of coffee this morning checking email, going on facebook and updating my blog. I sure have missed having the internet. Well actually I've mostly missed the form of communication that the internet provides. My last few posts left a lot of you wondering what was going on in my life and if we are all ok. I can tell you now that we are all going to be fine. I don't really want to discuss on my public blog what happened with our family - all I can say is that it really shook all of us up. Things are improving though and are slowly getting back to normal. I am seeing my kids happier and happier each day. It really has been a tough couple of months but I am sure we are all stronger because of it or at least we will be someday. The kids are having lots of fun lately, we've been spending some great family times together, skating, going to the movies, playing games - just having fun. They are getting so big and maturing so much each day. Seems like my time with them is just flying by. I have been doing lots and lots of digital scrapbook pages and will be posting some for you all to see (I think I did 68 pages in January - an all time record for me.)


Jenn said...

Glad things are going well for you and your family now. I know sometimes life throws us a curve and it's hard to wonder how we will recover. Sending you positive thoughts for a wonderful week!!

Can't wait to see your Digi pages. I'm looking into learning how to do those!

KarenSue said...

glad to hear things are settling down and better for you.

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