Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Family Day Weekend

We had the most wonderful three day weekend. We not only celebrated family day on Monday, but the whole weekend long. It was so much fun to just hang out with the girls and have fun. We started Friday night with Amber's 1st annual valentines pyjama party. She planned the whole thing and wouldn't let Emily and I in the living room while she set it up. We played games and read a book together. It was so cute. She even wrote a little speech welcoming us to the event. Saturday was spent hanging out with Nana and Poppa, skating and going out for dinner for Valentines Day. Then Emily planned her idea of an evening. We drew pictures, read a story and played a game. Sunday we went skating, went out for brunch and then went into the city to see a movie with Grandpa Wayne. And then Monday we went out for lunch and swimming with Nana. It was so much fun watching the girls in the water again. They are getting more and more confident in the water. I really enjoyed the whole weekend. You know, it seems I am getting better and better at trying to just relax and have fun with the girls instead of always worrying.

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Anonymous said...

That was absolutley wonderful. Parenthood is so fulfilling and rewarding.

Mike B.

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