Monday, August 22, 2011

Mental Health Monday - Tapes

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Do you ever just have these "tapes" that play in your head. Recurring thoughts that you know when faced with facts are not true but that you can't help but always thinking anyways? I've been charting these recently for therapy and was quite surprised to find that they are always the same ones over & over again.

  • I am not good enough.

  • I am a failure.

  • I'll never be a good mom

  • I'm stupid.

  • I'm ugly.

These are the "tapes" that constantly run through my head. My therapist has suggested that when one of these "plays in my head" I need to write it down. Then I need to write down the facts that make it not true such as

  • I try the best I know how

  • No one tells me I'm stupid

  • My girls always tell me what a good mom I am

  • Who judges what's "good enough" it's something different to everyone

Writing these down over & over keep reminding me that the tapes I "play" are not always true. I have thought them for so long that they are imprinted in my head. Just because they are there does not make them true. The more I remind myself of the true facts, the more I am reminding myself that my "tapes" need to be turned into positive ones.

What kind of "tapes" play in your head? And what things do you do to try to do to make yourself believe that they are not true?


Elizabeth Young said...

Really glad that you're continuing to work on things Sandra. It's a tough road but there's no better way than to keep pressing forward and dealing with things, which you are. Be proud of yourself Sandra and for all you've accomplished!

Elizabeth Young said...

Also time to replace the tapes Sandra! Everytime one of those nasty, negative messages comes into your mind simply state the truth - 100 times if you have to! It will become easier and easier until instread of lied, beautiful truth will fill your mind and self confidence shine from that beautiful face!

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