Monday, May 02, 2011

Mental Health Monday

I have been waiting almost three months for an appointment with the psychiatrist to have my medications looked at and changed. I got a phone call the other day cancelling my appointment with no idea of when it may possibly be rescheduled and am now back on a wait list to see her. It is so frustrating. The things that are causing my depression and anxiety to be worse are happening to me right now. If the meds need to be changed it needs to be now. Sometimes I get so frustrated with the mental health system. It can be so difficult to receive the help needed when it is needed. I am getting by and getting through my days but I know that with a med change I could be doing so much better. I could be coping effectively. So, so frustrated today.


Chantelle said...
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Chantelle said...

Stay strong! I understand the difficulties within the mental health system...I live in Windsor Ontario so I am thankful for Canada's mental health...but still, there needs to be more done! I had many friends who had to wait & the time they got in to see their psych. it could have been too late. Psychiatrist are way too overbooked & I've heard some horror stories.
I really hope that you get this straightened out cuz this type of situation, especially involving meds is not fun. From experience all I can say is be aggressive with you getting in & with what you need! ~CC

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