Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mental Health Monday On A Tuesday

This past month seems to have just flown by. I am still waiting for an appointment with mental health to have my medications changed and waiting is so frustrating. My dad has been home from the hospital for a month now and is getting worse each day. I have been so worried and so stressed my moods are changing like crazy. Happy one minute, intense sadness the next. Sometimes it is so hard to hide all this in front of the girls. Especially when I want to just hide alone somewhere. That's what I do when I get upset or stressed. I hide. I stop talking to people, I stop leaving the house, I even stop getting dressed. I just wish I could control the mood swings better. They change so quickly that they even take me by surprise.

1 comment:

NANCY said...

It can sometimes be very frustrating to deal with all these emotions. I hope that things get better for you. I know how impossible it can feel sometimes. Love and Luck.



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