Monday, November 24, 2008


Have you ever watched the movie Runaway bride? I've been thinking about that movie all morning. You know the part where Graham asks Maggie about how she likes her eggs and the way she always liked the same kind of eggs as the man she was with at the time. She really didn't ever take the time to figure out how she liked eggs just for herself. I feel like that this morning. The house is way too quiet and I needed to put on some music. Nothing in my playlist was appeasing me. Then I got thinking about my playlist. I got thinking about the songs I've added and why I've added them to my playlist. I realized I am just like Maggie, I have different songs in my playlists from different times in my life when I've had different boyfriends. There is the Plain White T's from when I dated Cory, ACDC from when I dated Rob, James Blunt from Steve, Kid Rock from when I was with Gord. All these songs from my past that I really do love. But not really what I'd listen to just for me. When I really get down to it and think about the music I love just for me it really is a lot different from what I've been listening to the past few years. It's time to get back to discovering what I like - just for me. No more being what I think someone else wants.

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Noelia said...

What an awesome post Sandra. This can translate to so many other things in life. Something to think about.

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