Monday, September 22, 2008

Give Me Five Monday (Birthdays)

Here's today's prompt: Give Me Five birthday memories from your life or of someone else. Hmmm let's see I usually have uneventful;l birthdays I really do not enjoy them at all. I guess the ones I can remember the best are:

My 18th birthday - we went into Ottawa for supper a ta really fancy restaurant. My parents and grandparents came and so did my boyfriend at the time Mike. I remember sending out invitations and getting all dressed up and I remember getting my picture taken with one of those silly paper napkin hats. It was so much fun and I felt really grown up.

My 21st birthday was when I was working at the Smiths Falls Restaurant. One of the cooks was celebrating his birthday too so we all went to a bar in Kemptville. I drank and I drank and I drank. Shooter after shooter. I remember having tequila, snake bites and some chocolaty thing. The owner of the restaurant bought us drinks and told us we all had to show up for our shifts the next day cause he knew we were all out drinking. I was so sick when I finally got home. I went in for my shift the next day at 4 and could hardly keep down tea and crackers. I oddly also remember Randy kissing my husband.

My 30th birthday was pretty cool too - a real family day. The girls and I went and spent the day at Saunders farm and had a blast. Then we drove into Perth to meet my parents for dinner at my absolutely most favorite restaurant Maximilian's. An absolute fantastic day. I got my girls, my parents and my favorite meal all in one day.


Lily said...

what wonderful memories

forgetfulone said...

Seems like the 30th birthday is making lots of lists! Sweet memories.

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