Monday, May 28, 2007

Big Change

Well, today is a big change for me at work. On Thursday afternoon I was asked if I would be interested in changing contracts at work. I was working the roadrunner internet contract and was asked to change to the Cingular cell phone contract. Not being one to like being bored, or stuck in something where I may not be able to advance I said yes. So, here I am sitting in my new training class for the new contract. I am not sure what I've done exactly, but hopefully I end up loving it as much as the last contract. Hopefully it'll be something I can excel at.

Now, that all said, I am desperately missing my scrapbook time at home. I enjoyed my weekend so much relaxing, surfing digital goodies, being involved in online chats, and creating awesome pages. I was so happy with the pages I created this past weekend. 7 pages in all. I think since I have started digital scrapping this past couple of months I have done more pages than I had created all year last year.

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