Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another day at work. I am so glad I have at least figured out a way around the firewall at work so that I can at least post to my blog now. I can't get to my blog to see my posts, but at least I can post my thoughts now. This morning I am feeling sick and tired of feeling sick. This past month (or so,) I have been dealing with a medical issue which is driving me insane. I have been diagnosed as having a very high heart rate. The last time I was at the doctors my heart rate was double what it was supposed to be. This has been causing shaking and dizziness and passing out - so not fun. I have felt like crap most days since. I am now on heart medication where one of the side effects is that it lowers your blood pressure. I already have low blood pressure so I run the risk of more dizziness. Oh well, hopefully it'll all get figured out soon so that I can start feeling normal again - and maybe start not missing so much time off at work.

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