Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thirteen : 13 Things To Do Before School Starts

Here's my list of 13 Things I Still Want to Do Before School Starts In The Fall

#1 World Of Outlaws Sprint Car races
#2 Lombardy Fair
#3 Logos Land
#4 Canada's Wonderland
#5 spend as much time as possible at the lake with mom and the girls
#6 go to as many Saturday night races as possible
#7 visit my sister
#8 go to Carleton Place beach
#9 Perth Fair
#10 visit Lisa & Aunt Joanne
#11 go to value village
#12 take the girls on a boat cruise on the St Lawrence
#13 ..... do anything else fun that we have the opportunity to do


JO said...

oh my... we haven't really done a lot this summer and school is about to start.

Mine's up! Happy T13.

Alice Audrey said...

All I want to do is get moved into my new house.

Xakara said...

Good luck!

Happy T13!

13 Soundtracks

I am Harriet said...

Hope you can do them!

Have a great Thursday!

Xakara said...

Came to offer an alternate link. I was told the earlier one either didn't load or wouldn't allow comments.

Happy T13,

13 Soundtracks

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