Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tag from my friend Jill

My friend Jill tagged me on her blog. It was a fun one.

The tag how-to...
1. Go to the photos folder on your computer.
2. Go to the seventh folder of photos.
3. Go to the seventh photo.
4. Put the seventh photo on your blog along with a description.
5. Invite seven friends to join.

So, here's the photo I came up with.

Last year at this time we didn't have a vehicle. As Spring was a welcoming thing for us, we waited outside every morning and enjoyed the weather as we waited for my mom to come pick us up and take the girls to their bus stop. We had so much fun those mornings. I always sat on the porch with a cup of coffee as the girls played their little hearts out. Those mornings were spent skipping, running, jumping and learning to ride their bikes with no training wheels. Those morning hold some of my very precious memories.

And, I'd like to tag:
1. Sarah - 2 Paws Designs
2. Bonnie Rose - A Life Unrehearsed 2
3. Lee - Lemons2Lemonade
4. Melina - Living Creating & Appreciating
5. Heather - It's just me, Heather
6. Emily - Just Me
7. Noeila - Everyday Telling of a story


BonnieRose said...

sounds fun, but today we are taking two detours to get my kids for their spring break here with us next week. Our area here is still dry... I'll try to do this.. but I'm not sure... as u can imagine, my mind is filled with other concerns right now... I'll do my best Sandra.. hugs keep praying for our area and our city and surrounding areas. hugs

Sarah C. said...

What a happy memory and perfect photo for it. Your daughter looks so excited. :) Thanks for tagging me.

jillconyers said...

great photo Sandra!

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